Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Session 9


Friday's session was ridiculously easy for me to sit through. Steph shaded the red belly of the snake with a magical Swashdrive rotary tattoo machine, which provided a quiet + almost pain-free evening. Though she isn't completely sold on it yet, I'm ready to take it home to meet my parents. I'll definitely miss it if she goes back to her regular stash of machines, but a few hours of pain is obviously worth it if I wind up with a better tattoo.

Speaking of which, I'm loving the red in the snake! I don't consider red to be one of my colors + therefore never wear it, but I think it's gorgeous under my skin.

Also, we discovered that the vodka Steph mixes some of her pigments with could be the culprit in the spots that healed poorly this winter. Although vodka is officially a gluten-free alcohol due to its distillation process, some people are sensitive to vodkas made with wheat instead of corn or potatoes. Yes, I would be one of them! How do I know this? The last time I had one teeny-tiny, watered-down vodka drink, I puked the entire night. No more bad vodka for me!


Gabriel E said...

what color are you doing the top of the snake?

Sarah said...

Not sure, but I think she'll be using green + orange in the rest of the snake.

william Peace said...

Wow, there is no doubt the end result will be spectacular. It is a great to the evolution of such a wonderful tattoo.