Monday, January 5, 2009

Session 3


What you can't see is the end of the tail that wraps around my hip... next time!

Healing has been slow, since my very minimal psoriasis - gone for almost a year since I've been on a gluten/dairy-free diet - seems to have been triggered by the injury done to my skin by the lovely tattoo needles.

Healing the latest round was the hardest; probably due to holiday stress, lots of wine (to combat the holiday stress-- er, celebrate), the colder weather, a viral respiratory infection (fun!) and more friction against the area... 'cause I do like to wear pants + sit down every once in a while. Lesson(s) learned.

The plan going forward seems to be shorter + more spread-out sessions, no alcohol while I'm healing, fewer + more comfortable clothes, etc. It should also be easier to avoid a reaction when it gets warmer out. Which won't be too hard... my next appointment isn't until the first week in March, unless I get in on the cancellation list.


Nell said...

FINALLY i get to see the whole work in progress!! Sarah, it's really beautiful work. xx nell

Sarah said...

Thanks, Nell! I love it.

kathy j said...

sooo beautiful!

william Peace said...

I had a small issue with healing a tattoo on my shoulder--the care seat belt made my skin scab a lot. Lighter and less restrictive clothes will help. Your tattoo is lovely and finished art will be spectacular.

Sarah said...

Yeah - NO clothes (and no need to sit down) would help! Thanks for your kind words.