Saturday, September 5, 2009

Session 11


Ahh, blue! Nothing much to report... healing's been going well + now the snake's getting its back turned beautiful shades of blue with black accents.

Probably 3 more sessions, not 1. Which is good news for me, 'cause I'll be sad when it's done! Strange, I know.

It's been such an incredible experience for me to witness the transformation of my back from bare skin to work of art. Never knowing how my own skin will look from appointment to appointment, but trusting in the end result.

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DoulaMomma said...

Hey - I want to get another tattoo & I'd like to go to someone great even though mine is nothing complicated or original - a dragonfly - in fact, I'm a little shy to speak to one of the greats since I'm sure they would rather do more creative stuff...I have long admired Stephanie's work (have seen it on the shop's site for years now) - does it pay to even call or is there someone else you suggest? Not sure if I want color or just black...
xo kim