Monday, June 22, 2009

What does it mean?

I've been asked several times about the meaning behind my backpiece. When my brother first saw the outline he exclaimed, "But what does it mean?? It has to mean something!"

It's interesting to see how different people react, because I didn't have a specific reason for the design beyond the desire to have my artist put something of hers on my back. I suppose you could say it has something to do with my religious upbringing or how I'm growing in my own life right now, but basically the design just felt right.

Stephanie came up with all the reference materials and designed the piece herself. I just came in and said, "Yes, perfect!"

So when someone asks me for the reason behind my tattoo, I usually just say that I like it ('cause I do!) or pick a reason that feels right to me at the moment. Here are some of them... take your pick:
  • a return to nature (no good vs. evil)
  • pursuing desire
  • seeking knowledge
  • revisioning the patriarchal Judeo-Christian creation story: this time, without a woman to blame for mankind's "downfall"
  • renewal/rebirth/change/evolution (snake shedding old skin to make way for new)


william Peace said...

One among many problems the popularity of tattooing has caused is that some assume all tattoos must have deep meaning. TV is great at expressing this via a host of shows that shall remain nameless. I for one think tattoos look great and can simply appeal to one visually and artistically. My large tattoo has no special meaning aside from the fact I truly love the way it looks. Of course it has a connection to my life but that is something only I know.

Regardless, I appreciate that you addressed the question of meaning. I also hope you continue to show the evolution of the art work.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty heavily covered front and back, and half sleeves - japanese style. Everything ties together visually. But sometimes I feel guilty when people ask about the meaning, and I don't have one. For me it was just a desire to have a beautiful image covering a large part of my body permanently. Fore me, beauty and the allure of permanence are the "meaning" for my body piece