Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring has sprung (on my back)

Last night Steph filled in more 'o the pretty green leaves at the top and left side of the tree. She also filled in bits of the outline that didn't take well the first time round. Am so glad to be getting back on track, and have 3 more appointments lined up! Hoorah.

I felt great (albeit full of haze-inducing allergy meds) for most of the session, but totally zoned out at the end when I was hitting my needle-on-skin limit.
I can get really quiet when dealing with pain (same thing happened when I was in labor) 'cause my brain likes to take a little vacation from my body. So when presented with great conversation topics, my language skills become about as advanced as my 4-year-old daughter's. Ah, well... the leaves are looking fabulous and I'm beginning to see how amazing it'll look when finished. So excited! Though that could be the spring fever. ;)

Will post pictures in about a week.


william Peace said...

I am so glad to read an update. I also look forward to the photos that will follow. This is such a great idea to show the evolution of your back piece. One can see the end result in many books of wonderful large scale tattoos but rarely get a glimpse of how the art work progressed over time. What does your 4 year old think? Have you read Mommy Has a Tattoo by Phil Padwe? It is a great kid book.

Sarah said...

thanks, william! my 4-yr-old loves my tattoos, and keeps me abreast of her own tattoo plans... right now she wants a butterfly on the inside of her arm, which she can get when she's 30. :)

haven't read 'mommy has a tattoo', but have heard good things about it.

william Peace said...

Sarah, You are funny. I told my son he can get a tattoo a tattoo at the same age I did--40! Unlike your daughter though, he wants to get a cool Halo 3 tattoo. The Mommy Tattoo book is a good one, it was written by a Purchase College student (this is where I teach). Your photos are giving me the itch to get another big tattoo.