Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Session 4


My first color! Am in love with it. Has healed perfectly - just like my very first tattoo. I credit the Puritan Lifestyle (no booze or sugar), Chinese herbs,
acupuncture, Comfrey Compound, and happiness. Spring is here, which makes me almost constantly intoxicated with the promise of balmy weather.

I canceled my appointment last week due to some paycuts in the household, but it looks like things will be mostly fine. So on the cancellation list I go! At the very least, I'll be back at the end of April. Can't wait.

More of the end of the tail (both of them!), as promised.


Nidnee said...

To say "nice tat" would be a serious understatement. What did your tattoo artist call it? A horimono? Ya, I like that much better. NICE HORIMONO!

Anonymous said...

what a great little ass you have

Anonymous said...

any chance of you posting a couple shots from the front??

Sarah said...

haha - even less likely than you commenting un-anonymously!

Anonymous said...

good point! BUT your tattoo looks fabulous girl and you DO have an amazing body, what a canvas! Can't wait to see it when its done!

giardigno65 said...

the dragons exist !